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Welcome to the 2017/2018 LATTICE Sessions 


Important Dates... Here are our LATTICE 2017/2018 Session dates and places: 


September 28 The Islamic Center East Lansing 12:00-4pm

Oct 26 School Visit 12:00-4pm

Nov 16 Federal Credit Union 12:00-4pm

December 1 Holiday Party 6pm 

January 18 Federal Credit Union 12:00-4pm

February 22 School Visit 12:00-4pm

March 19 Museum visit 12:00-4pm 

April 19 TBD 12:00-4pm

April 27 LATTICE Celebrations and Awards 6:30 pm. International Center 301


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LATTICE (Linking All Types of Teachers to International Cross-Cultural Education) was formed in 1995
by an educator Sally McClintock as a learning community and international network that cultivates and supports a global perspective in K-12 classrooms through personal and professional development opportunities.
It provides international experience by connecting schools to local and international communities and linking internationals to classrooms with visits and emails. It supports international learning so that the children
of today can be effective participants in the world of tomorrow. LATTICE provide ...

  • Meaningful content, inspirational moments, and time for building personal relationship
  • Use of Scholarly expertise as well as knowledge and wisdom based on personal experiences and observations
  • An international perspective in education
  • Constructivism and participation
  • Personal and professional experiences that contribute to the LATTICE mission by bringing this new knowledge to school communities

LATTICE- Linking All Types of Teachers to International Cross-cultural Education
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Mailing Address:

1518 Haslett Rd

P.O. Box 204


MI 48840

**Please consider making a donation of any size to support LATTICE**




  • ... I'm always so tired before I come to this meeting, and after I leave I feel so energized and excited. That is the feeling of all of us ..."Jean Frentz, Assistant School Superintendent, Michigan, USA"
  • Thanks to LATTICE  for providing the linkages and opportunities for international students to contribute to local American classrooms ... "Magane Koshimura, Japan"
  • LATTICE provides a conducive atmosphere for one to think and to express out loud his/her thoughts, for one feels being among friends..."Manelisi Genge, South Africa"