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  • Margaret HoltschlagWhen Loucia visited my students for a science lesson to talk about the migration of sea turtles in her native country of Cyprus, our studies were enriched and our perspective was expanded. From then on my students and I viewed news about Cyprus with a personal interest. It was Loucia's country, and Loucia had become our friend." (Michigan Teacher of the Year 2000, Michigan, USA)
  • Margaret Myers-CulverThis LATTICE experience has taught me to not only see internationals with new eyes but to view all people in everyday situations with new eyes.  Now I am not seeing the world from the narrow frame of reference of my own life experiences but all the life experiences of the internationals with whom we meet once a month.” (School Librarian, Michigan, USA)
  • Magane KoshimuraThanks to LATTICE  for providing the linkages and opportunities for international students to contribute to local American classrooms.” (International Student, Japan)
  • Thompson Kumbirai TsodzoI am greatly impressed by the accuracy with which the children summarized my talk with them.  It is amazing indeed that children of that age (nine years old) can have such a thorough understanding of world affairs.” (International Student, Zimbabwe)
  • Manelisi GengeLATTICE provides a conducive atmosphere for one to think and to express out loud his/her thoughts, for one feels being among friends.  We grapple with both bread and butter issues and with issues which make us question our comfort zones and assumptions."
    (International Student, South Africa) 
  • Jean FrentzOur staff frequently say that LATTICE has been one of the most significant experiences that they have ever had.  Last week, one of our teachers said, ‘I'm always so tired before I come to this meeting, and after I leave I feel so energized and excited.’  That is the feeling of all of us.”
    (Assistant School Superintendent, Michigan, USA) 
  • Dwi Agus YuliantoroI feel very privileged to be a part of this community of committed educators who view the world as their classroom.” (International Student, Indonesia)
  • Lynn BartleyAs a school administrator, I see LATTICE as an educator's window that allows us to look into the wide world with an open mind, which is an important shift from the traditional view.” (Associate Principal Haslett High School, Michigan, USA)
  • Kang LiLATTICE is like a family to me! I feel the sense of belonging. Through LATTICE teachers, I get to visit their classrooms, share my stories and learn about American education.” (International Student, China)
  • Judy HuynhEvery month I look forward to LATTICE because of all the ideas, the people, and the conversation, which is so rich and so wonderful. I share all that with my students and they all gain from it.” (Palo Public School - Recently Retired Teacher, Michigan, USA)
  • Jonathan Nyabuto ChotiLATTICE is where we sustain meaningful friendships and explore the various cultures and educational practices of the world village.”
    (International Student, Kenya)
  • Jack SchwilleLATTICE enables our international students to develop strong relationships with U.S K-12 educators and with each other, while working together to address pressing issues of our time.” (Assistant Dean & Professor International Studies in Education, College of Education Michigan State University, USA)
  • Jennifer SmithLATTICE is a phenomenal resource for educators. LATTICE sessions provide us with new ways of viewing the complicated world in which we live and enable us to integrate these views into our classrooms.” (Graduate Student, USA)
                              MORE TESTIMONIALS:   Interviews for the LATTICE DVD, Spring 2005